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thumbs-up-friendlyWelcome to my blog — a place where I can record a few reflections on what’s left in my journey through life. Not sure who’ll want to read it, but since you’re here, hope you find something to enjoy. I’m putting up some photos from my hobby and who knows what kind of musings about everything under the sun—as time permits and circumstances suggest/dictate….
Click here for my Flickr site — to see most recent photos….

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On the right hand side of the blog,
you’ll find listings of recent posts, and
by scrolling down, wayyy down, posts arranged by categories.
If you’re looking for bluebirds, click Bluebirds, but
you’ll find something different under Blue birds, heh-heh-heh….

More details about navigation skills for this blog.

Hand icon cursorWhen you see a pointing hand image over a photo, you can click it to open an enlarged image in a new tab. That means you’re temporarily taken away from this website.

Try it on the image below:


When you see a cluster of photos, click any one and you’ll open the group with enlarged views of each photo. To take this a step further, scroll down within a photo and find the View Full Size button to enlarge the image further in a new tab. To close the group window, click the small x in the top right corner.

Try it on the cluster below:



You’ll also find the hand hovering over links to other websites. Clicking it will open a new website in a new tab. To get back to the last post or page your were on, (close the new tab if you like), then click the open link to Birds & Musings (or on those words wherever you see them).

That’s about it! Of course, as in all blogs, the posts are arranged from newest at the top (except for this one!) to oldest at the bottom. On the right hand side of this page, you’ll find quick links to recent topics, and posts archived by date, as well as alphabetically arranged categories, such as specific birds.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

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