What a summer! Part 1

Car Camping with Nana
Car Camping with Nana test run at Okanagan Lake Park South….

July 11, 2017: ~ The spring / summer of 2017 was supposed to be super special for us. And, in many respects, so far, it has lived up to those expectations. We enjoyed sunny, albeit cool weather, car camping (above — something new for us and probably questionable at our age), and fabulous trips across western Canada (May 24 – June 11) and up to BC’s Cariboo region (June 28 – July 3) .

Click any cluster of photos to enlarge them.

But the season has brought mixed blessings. A surprisingly cold spring delayed the melting of winter snow in the hills. In late March the summits received late snowfalls. By mid-May we suddenly had the highest levels in our lakes and streams in years. We headed for the east as scheduled, wondering what we might return to in three weeks. While the flood threat did not materialize to the extent it might have, our tourism-dependent region has suffered considerable disruption and bad publicity.

Our lovely Thomson Marsh overflowed and flooded the southeastern corner of my beat. It’s only now beginning to normalize. While we waited for the water to subside, we planned a trip to visit friends in BC’s Cariboo region around our July 1 national celebrations.

Wildfire near 100 Mile House
From 100 Mile Free Press. Wildfire still in its early stage. (Right click for enlarged view in new tab.)

We had just left the 108 and 100 Mile areas after our five-day visit when wildfires broke out across central-northern BC on July 6 and 7. In only two days, the areas we had just been visiting were under evacuation orders. Our good friends at the 108 were forced to grab what they could, including their flock of 12 chickens, and find shelter elsewhere, not knowing whether their home would survive or not…. There no end in sight to this tragic story.

Trusswell fire, Kelowna 170708.png

While wildfire was the story elsewhere, only a few blocks from home a five story condo under construction burned to the ground due to human error!


I’ll update the fire stories when we have more certainty about their outcome….



So, for the benefit of family and friends, here are some highlights of our Prairies trip.

Prairie Trip Days 1 and 2: Kelowna to Waterton Lakes, AB.

Prairies trip Google day 1 to Cranbrook
Originally we planned to camp at Creston, but rain prompted us to continue on to Cranbrook and a motel. There was a silver lining next morning….

After stopping at Cranbrook (see caption above), we discovered the next morning, bright and refreshing after the evening shower, the charms of that city’s Elizabeth Lake Bird Sanctuary. A large, marshy lake, its shallow shorelines are great breeding places for ducks and geese, Eared Grebes, and various songbirds including various swallows and warblers like the Common Yellowthroat.

A few photos of what we found:

But the highlight of our short tour, which we nearly missed, was this encounter with a Killdeer defending his nest. Near the end of our walk, we almost ignored the pair, but couldn’t resist taking a closer look. And we’re glad we did. The male Killdeer was one of the bravest I’ve ever seen. We spotted him first in the grass:

Male Killdeer
Where we first spotted him, concerned about these Homo sapiens intruders….(Right click for enlarged view in new tab.)

Later he mounted a small knoll in front of us and defiantly stared me down. I advanced a  little bit, expecting him to retreat. To my surprise, he moved towards me, as if to say, “No, you don’t! Not one step closer!” In the cluster of photos below, you can trace his trajectory by using the large pebbles as references…. Had never seen this behaviour before.

Click any photos in the cluster to enlarge it.

Eventually, I retreated, and so did he, giving me a great performance of his “broken wing act” to conclude the episode. It was a great way to begin our trip!

We also encountered some very calm Canada Geese and their progeny:

We also had great opportunities to observe a couple of species we don’t usually get so close to:

The second part of Day 2 saw us drive from Cranbrook to Waterton Lakes: click here!


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