Otters for Angela (and you, too)!

In 2015, January, as we were preparing to move up to this wonderful place, Nana and I were house sitting, ironically, just across the lane from the condo we were purchasing. I had excellent opportunities to familiarize myself with the neighbourhood, especially  Thomson Marsh. At the same time, a delightful romp of North American River Otters showed up for a two week stay where the marsh widens into pools, very close to home. Despite the low light, I was able to get some photos and video. Since then, despite reports from others, I have not seen them in numbers.

170323 Otter swimming away .jpg
Click image above to see original in Flickr.

In March 2017, I caught the back of one swimming upstream away from me, and, a day or so later, just missed seeing several in the same spot they’d visited in 2015. Fortunately, another local fotog was able to get some images.

Recently, I was reminded of the 2015 experience when Angela, one of the folks I frequently encounter on my beat, asked if I’d seen any otters lately. That gave me a chance to share some entertaining (she said) video from two years ago. I promised her links, and finally, here they are!!

The first two links are back to my Flickr site. Below them are links to my Youtube account where the videos, also available via Flickr in rough form, have been enhanced to make them easier on the eyes!

The first set of photos starts here.

Otters in the sun - 01

The second set starts here:

Otters 2 - 01 "Comin' thru' the ice"

Here are the Youtube videos. Click the arrow on the image to view the content. Enjoy!

The first video has two actors; one apparently specializes in photobombing!

Video with music added:

Video with the sound of only the wind….

And one last, relatively unedited vid showing them “breakin’ the ice”!


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