Some goofy stuff for a change….

I’m known in a few places for my goofy sense of humour — my predilection for anomalies, ironies, childish imagination. So, if you’re not into such silliness, you’re in the wrong place! Run away, NOW!

But if you can tolerate a certain amount of not-so-serious-stuff, here’s a little to snack on:

Remember: if images show a Hand icon cursor icon, click to enlarge in a new tab….

Waterfowl who wannabe predators:

Last spring we saw a goose that was roosting on a cleanly topped tree trunk probably 20 feet above Mission Creek. Her mate (it had to be a female, right? It was during breeding season when all kinds of new ideas float in the air….) stood in the creek below, looking up as if to say, “So that’s it? You’ve left me for ‘a room with a view’?” Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture that situation (we saw it there a couple of times over several days), this year we’ve encountered similar phenomena again, several times in various places with different geese and a female Mallard.

April 13, 2017:

Cangosprey? (1).jpg
This pair of Canada Geese, wanted, I believe, to be designated Cangosprey. After Momma Osprey returned for the breeding season,  then apparently abandoned this nest on what I call the Lightship, these two landed here several times over a couple of days and showed a definite liking for the perch. I don’t think they had any intention of nesting here; it was just a chance to enjoy an AirB&B staycation in an Osprey’s domicile. They even chased off another goose who showed interest in renting the place. Eventually they moved on from romance to serious domestic duties, Momma O. returned, and life resumed as normal….

April 21, 2017:

While visiting Robert Lake, I noticed something plopped on top of a post of the white fence at an adjacent horse farm: on closer examination, here’s what I found:

Never did see how she resolved her situation.

Later that afternoon, on a quick visit to Munson Pond around sundown to check out the local North American Beaver, Castor canadensis, we also noticed this rabble rouser; I think her name is Forrest Goose. She spoke with a thick tongue like a great Political Science professor from the Philippines I was enjoyed:

2017: Closer to home, we have the ongoing saga of the Turtle Sitters of Belmont Pond….

Last year (2016), the duties fell to the Wood Ducks. Could be the reason they eventually moved to a different location to raise their own brood. For a bit, the job fell to Mergus Merganser….

And, in 2017, Mergus has a new mate, and guess who’s been handed the Turtle-sitting chores? You got it! Miranda Merganser. And Kilroy’s a year older and bolder….

Common Merganser female (Mergus merganser).jpg
“Look! I don’t like this arrangement any more than you do, Kilroy, but you will do as I tell you!
Now where did that dang Kilroy get to?!.jpg
“Dang! Now where did that little brat go this time??!”

Hope you found something to chuckle over, or, as the poet asks, “What’s the point?”


2 thoughts on “Some goofy stuff for a change….

  1. Great job capturing these amazing photos!! The photo with two ducks, turtle…is that a butterfly sitting bel k w the smaller duck on the right?


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