Nothin’ here but Osoyoos Ospreys….

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For my favourite presentation of the young Ospreys of Kelowna Rec Field in August 2015, click this link: it will open in a new tab….

April 12, 2017: Although one of the Ospreys of Mission Rec Field returned last Saturday, with a softball game going on right below, it took off and headed towards the mouth of Mission Creek. Haven’t seen it since despite checking the Field regularly. Something similar happened last Spring, so haven’t given up hope just yet. Still, if they have abandoned this site, where MayB refused to stay last Autumn, and which Red-tails and Bald Eagles have defiled this winter, I will be left with a big hole in my heart! Prey for us!

Sooo, in lieu of photos of “our” Ospreys, here are some shots from our trip to Osoyoos River’s floodplain yesterday. To read about the trip, click this link. On this post, all you can do is see photos: click any photo to enlarge ’em all….

Warning: some of the shots here are not worthy of posting to Flickr or other photo websites, but I’ve posted them herefor illustrative purposes. Sometimes, all they illustrate is that they deserved trashing in the first place, heh-heh-heh!

Poppa Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Poppa Osprey is not quite all there!

To enlarge photos in a cluster and see captions, click on any one….

There are a few things I hoped you noticed. For starters, the sky colour is inconsistent — for a couple of reasons. First, processing for light and colour can create differences. Second, as the series was taken, the sky itself changed as clouds came and went. Third, the bird was in different parts of her orbit at different times….

Momma put on a great aerial show! One thing I hope you picked up on is her necklace — pretty much absent in the male. Also, she has one dark, central tail feather that’s quite obvious in these shots. I’d never noticed this in other birds; it’s not obvious in Poppa’s flight shot. After going back through photos of other Osprey, it appears that this feature may be present to some degree in both genders. Now, it’s something I’ll be looking for….

Finally, it would be hard to justify so many photos in one Flickr series. Here, however, I’m able to post shots that seem quite similar, but which, upon more careful observation, reveal some of the fine adjustments an Osprey makes in flight….


2 thoughts on “Nothin’ here but Osoyoos Ospreys….

  1. I’m already learning from your blog Keith…I never knew about the necklace on the female. Also the dark tail feather is an interesting detail.


  2. Glad to read your comment, Brenda. I’m certainly no ornithologist, but I have been learning continuously for many years and expect to continue doing so as long as I can breathe. Even the professionals admit they’re still discovering problems they have no answers for, especially in the areas of evolution, migration, and habitat accommodation. So keep studying and soon you’ll be making discoveries to share with the rest of us!


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