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thumbs-up-friendlyThanks for visiting this blog, a work in progress since 2015, especially if you’ve come here from my keithricflick Flickr site. Hope you find something interesting. I want your experience to be as user friendly as possible!
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Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)
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My purpose is to share photos and stories of wildlife, particularly birds, in the Okanagan Region. You’ll also find “bonus information” from other places I’ve travelled to.  Secondly, when the muses dictate, I’ll offer some rambling about politics and other topics of general interest. Look under Politics~

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Birds & Musings!

  1. Hi Keith,
    I have just read much of your wonderful birding blog – a great setup and site!
    I love that you have so much information and your storytelling is humorous and clever.

    Brenda Gooder


  2. Phenomenal Keith! Thank you for taking the time to share all the stories…and I know how much time consuming that is. I know when I travel with the intention of doing photography, I always find the blogs of the local birders/bird photographers of the destination of my travel, I fin them to be the most precious resources…. yours is no exception. I will certainly refer back to it when I travel in your neck of the woods and I know many more travelers will be grateful for what you share. Just awesome! Thanks
    Chantal Jacques


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